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June 25, 2013


I was trying to wait until tomorrow (you know, New Work Wednesday) but I posted this on my mobile app and well... you know me... ;) I had so much fun shooting this video (as you can see on my Instagram ;). That was actually the first time I had ever touched a pair of turntables to try to DJ. If you pay attention to me closely in the back it looks like I got the hang of that shxt though huh? Nah... I don't. Anyway, comment below, share, and subscribe to my Youtube Page Check out that dope ass app commercial at the end too. Im proud of that. S/0 to DJ Dru and Acelo for coming through to the set with the turntables too...

Ex crack dealer/ taking the approach of Mac Miller
Rap killer/ Every verse I wrote in fact iller
Now Im on rap's radar/ in fact Rap Radar
Used to phuck with them (k)nicks like Smith/ You know JR?
Hey y'all/ I know you were expecting like a Draya
Or Buffie The Body/ With nggs nutting inside me
Running trains and trollies/ like rapping is just my hobby
Not knowing I phucking body these tracks/ Ask anybody...


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