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June 26, 2013

Mac Miller - Watching Movies

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Mac Miller - Watching Movies (Official Video)
Produced By Sap & Larry Fisherman
Presented by Rostrum Records, Rex Arrow Films & TreeJTV
From the upcoming album "Watching Movies With The Sound Off"

Directed by Rex Arrow & Larry Fisherman
Produced by Matthew Crossett
Shot By Will Elder
Edited By Ian Wolfson
Production Design By Diane Zurne
Hair & Makeup by Elle Favorule
Casting By Kelli Huarte
Executive Producer: Benjy Grinberg
Press & Promo: Arthur Pitt
Digital & Online: Eric Henry
Rex Arrow Films 2013

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(c) Rostrum Records 2013

June 25, 2013


I was trying to wait until tomorrow (you know, New Work Wednesday) but I posted this on my mobile app and well... you know me... ;) I had so much fun shooting this video (as you can see on my Instagram ;). That was actually the first time I had ever touched a pair of turntables to try to DJ. If you pay attention to me closely in the back it looks like I got the hang of that shxt though huh? Nah... I don't. Anyway, comment below, share, and subscribe to my Youtube Page Check out that dope ass app commercial at the end too. Im proud of that. S/0 to DJ Dru and Acelo for coming through to the set with the turntables too...

Ex crack dealer/ taking the approach of Mac Miller
Rap killer/ Every verse I wrote in fact iller
Now Im on rap's radar/ in fact Rap Radar
Used to phuck with them (k)nicks like Smith/ You know JR?
Hey y'all/ I know you were expecting like a Draya
Or Buffie The Body/ With nggs nutting inside me
Running trains and trollies/ like rapping is just my hobby
Not knowing I phucking body these tracks/ Ask anybody...


MURDER DEATH KILL (featuring Jay Electronica)

Kevin Gates - 4:30am

Kevin Gates' 4:30 AM Music video. 4:30 AM is the lead single from Kevin Gates' upcoming album "Stranger Than Fiction," dropping on July 16th!

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Official Fan Page

Bronze Nazareth - Blenders (Thought for Food 3)

Man Bites Dog Records is proud to present the new music video "Blenders" from legendary producer/emcee Bronze Nazareth. This video has been artfully crafted from Jeremy Williams and Brian Buggs. Song produced by Bronze Nazareth for his upcoming album "Thought for Food 3" which will be a split 2 disc album along with Willie The Kid's "Living Daylights" which is entirely produced by Bronze Nazareth. Both albums will be available from Man Bites Dog Records in Early Fall 2013. Go to to pre order the album & buy the official "Blenders" T shirt.